FAC Interest Groups

The focus of this group is to learn about living a healthy lifestyle. Topics include cooking, recipes, grocery shopping, gardening, healthy lifestyle choices, and community resources. They also meet to enjoy healthy meals and fellowship.

This group meets regularly to share a round of golf and fellowship. They also host annual golf tournaments.

Mothers Unite! This is a fellowship group for mothers with events planned throughout the year. Some events are for the mothers only and others include their children.

The Men’s Hiking Group is not for the faint of heart! These guys tackle the difficult mountains and trails. Overnight trips are included in their schedule.

This group is for anyone and everyone. You can come alone or bring your family for a great time of fellowship hiking mostly easy and moderate difficulty trails.

This group enjoys outdoor sports activities together. Examples of these activities include disc golf, softball, flag football, soccer, biking, and white water rafting.

This group of hunters enjoy meeting together to share hunting experiences and stories. They also enjoy game nights where meals are prepared from their hunting adventures.

All ages and families are welcome in this group where they get together to show off their archery skills, and have target practice.

This group of both men and women love to ride motorcycles together and also team up to help raise money for missions. They are a local chapter of the national Azusa Street Riders Ministry.

This group of men love to restore and preserve of all types of motorized vehicles. The Apostolic Autos Interest Group hosts a county wide car and bike show each year at FAC Maryville.

This group of adults travel to foreign nations or devastated areas of the United States and build or rebuild churches.  This group gives and supports missions, by going and physically working.

This group of young marrieds enjoys events that include both fellowship and marriage enrichment. Group couples have at least one spouse 35 or younger.

This group of ladies look forward to spending time at local restaurants, sharing a meal, and enjoying each other’s fellowship.