“Pain Into Praise” MultiTracks Download


Includes the following stems: Bass, BGVs, Click, Drums, Effects, Guide, Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Keys, Loop, Low Power, Guitar, Organ, Rhodes, Strings/Horns, Tambourine


Produced by: Chad & Fallon Erickson with Apostolic Collective (First Apostolic Church of Maryville)

Written by: Fallon Erickson, Chad Erickson, Lori Hawkins, Amanda Sullivan

Directed by: Chad & Fallon Erickson

Soloists: Lori Hawkins, Chad Erickson, Lauren Hammond

Choir Vocals: Front Line Singers of First Apostolic Church Sanctuary Choir

Keys & Support Track Production: Keith Pace

Guitar: Zach Hammond

Bass: Jon Erickson

Drums: Nolan Carpenter


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